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About us


We might say that everyone can grow paprika, however it requires special knowledge and experience to grow high quality paprika in an environmentally sound way. We believe that by applying our professional knowledge and using our resources in an environmentally optimal way we can create a progressive agricultural business.

Our goal is that the “Bakó paprika” keep its high quality which makes the “Szentes paprika” such a special Hungarian product. Bakó paprika with its natural scent, extraordinary flavor and juicy fibers represents health in everyday life.

Choose health!

The three kernels

Dániel Bakó

He is the person who represents innovation and drive in the company. He started in the family business as a young child where the scent of fresh paprika took him on a life-long journey. He is the one who produces beautiful paprika for you.

Gábor Bakó

Without solid marketing there is no successful agricultural business. Gábor has many years of experience in the field and finds a solution to all your needs. Whether it be in-country marketing or export order you won’t be disappointed in our services.

László Bakó

As the past, present and future of Bakó Paprika he inspires us day by day. László passed his knowledge, obtained over plenty of decades, to his two sons who have dedicated their lives to further developing and sharing their heritage.


Sweet White Paprika

Those who eat paprika are healthier than the average! If paprika is part of your everyday life it will help you to be more healthy, energetic and active. Eat our “Szentes paprika” by bites, sliced or as you want. Make a nice omelette for breakfast, take the paprika slices as a morning snack, put into your salad at lunch and finally add some spinach and tomato to it and finish the day with a nice veggie juice. Amazing flavor!

Try it and get fit with us!

Capia paprika

Here is the red! If you like red more choose the “Szentes capia parika”. The healthy effect of paprika is in relation to its color intensity. The red paprika not only contains more trace elements but also has a more intense flavor than the ones with lighter color. The red paprika contains three times more vitamin C than an orange and you don’t have to peel it! Because of its active substance it warms up the blood, activates metabolism and makes you feel fresh. Do you need some more energy?

Try it and you are going to be addicted to it!

Contact us:

Bakó Kertészeti Kft.
Hungary, 6600, Szentes, Árpád utca 44.

+36 30 682 5531
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