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What is the key to success? You can only cook a good meal with high quality materials.

The success of Bakó paprika is put together the same way as a good letcho. It has only a few essential ingredients of high quality. The key to our success are the vital and healthy plants, the optimal usage of natural resources , professional knowledge, modern technology and, the most important, the dedicated labour.

Our company has grown from a family business where all members contribute to paprika production. Over the past years we have presented constant growth, never forgetting the importance of the human factor. Our philosophy is to treat employees like family members as everyone contributes to our success. Our contributors entered the business because of their reliable work attitude. They share our philosophy and understand our expectations regarding efficiency and professionalism.

We think that in order to reach our goals we have to work TOGETHER hand by hand, because a letcho is good if the components are in perfect harmony!

Contact information:

Bakó Kertészeti Kft.
Hungary, 6600, Szentes, Árpád utca 44.

Cell phone:
+36 30 682 5531
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