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Why should you eat paprika everyday?

We don’t have to introduce paprika to anyone. However, paprika has a number of physiological features that are less known.
As a result of modern and planned consumption we eat a lot of exotic vegetables however, it only takes a few steps to reach the number one vegetable of our country:paprika.

  • Vitamins

    Paprika is extremely rich in vitam-C and A. You can fulfill your daily vitamin C need only by a half capia!

  • Protection

    Just like tomato, paprika contains a number of bioflavonoids that are crucial to our natural cancer protection system.

  • Heart

    Paprika stimulates blood circulation, helping in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Cholesterol

    The disease of our modern era is a high cholesterol level. Do not reach the stage where you have to treat it with medication, eat paprika! Due to its high Potassium content it decreases blood cholesterol levels, contributing to improved circulation.

  • Digestion

    Paprika has a positive effect on digestion. It stimulates metabolism and because of its high fiber content it helps you to get into shape!

Don’t hesitate! Look for Bakó parika!

Hungarian wax pepper

Those who eat paprika are healthier than the average! If paprika is part of your everyday life it will help you to be more healthy, energetic and active. Eat our “Szentes paprika” by bites, sliced or as you want. Make a nice omelette for breakfast, take the paprika slices as a morning snack, put into your salad at lunch and finally add some spinach and tomato to it and finish the day with a nice veggie juice. Amazing flavor!

Try it and get fit with us!

Capia paprika

Here is the red! If you like red more, choose the “Szentes capia parika”. The healthy effect of the paprika is in relation to its color intensity. The red paprika not only contains more trace elements but also has a more intense flavor than the ones with lighter color. The red paprika contains three times more vitamin C than an orange and you don’t have to peel it! Because of its active substance it warms up the blood, activates metabolism and makes you feel fresh. Do you need some more energy?

Try it and you won’t want to eat anything else!

Breeding experiment

We have been in close collaboration with A Duna-R seed breeding company for years. This partnership has resulted in experiments with more than 700 different paprika breeds. In the course of the breed experiments we are constantly looking for the species which are the best for integrated greenhouse paprika production.

You can always expect something new from us!